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Self-Directed Level Service  
  Level of Service The Self-Directed level of service provides the Internet version of My Career Plan for you to use.  This version contains the same five modules used by all levels of service.  It allows you the user to move through the modules at your own pace and design your dream career much as you would if you were using a workbook.  The advantage of the Internet is that it is interactive in many ways. 

All of the modules support internet research and several of the modules support you taking different inventories/tests to give you feedback about yourself.  If the user experiences any problems with this approach, you should feel free to e-mail us for help. 

  Profile of User


The user that experiences the most success with this approach is a person that is self disciplined, self directed and enjoys working by them self.  This is very much a personal experience and if you have confidence in working by yourself it should be very rewarding.  The process will be much like going through a workbook.

    1. Self Directed
    2. Assisted
    3. Professional

If for whatever reason, you as the user feel that you want a additional service, it is easily available.  Just let us know that you want an upgrade and we will provide it by charging the difference between the level you originally purchased and the one you wish to change to. 

For instance if you started with level one - "Self Directed" and want to change to "Assisted" at $95.00 you just pay the $95.00 and will have our assistance.

. Starting Service . If the Self-Directed level of service sounds like what you are looking for, select "Start MyCareerPlan now" and send us a note; telling us where you are now, and list what you want to accomplish.  We will get back to you and tell you how to begin.  Why not try it, it's free?

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