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College Track - Professional Level of Service
  Level of Service The Professional level of service for college students provides the Internet version of My Career Plan for your use.  The Professional Level of Service contains the basic five modules that take you through the career planning process.  This level of service allows the you to move through the modules at your own pace with the assistance of a trained professional and design your dream career.  This level of service also provides additional professional interaction within and at the end of each of the five modules.  The advantage of the professional interaction is that it provides support for your ideas and may provide ideas that you may not have thought of in your career quest. 

All of the modules support internet research and several of the modules support you taking different inventories/tests to give you feedback about yourself. This plan provides additional help with identifying professionals to interview and specific help with integrating your career plan with articulation to a university.

  Profile of User


The user that has most success with this approach is a person that is ambitious about fulfilling their dreams, and enjoys working with a trained professional in assembling your dream career.  All of us at My Career Plan are college experienced counselors/advisors with Masters and Doctorate degrees.  We have worked with thousands of clients and would enjoy interacting with you.
  Starting Service


If you would like to start My Career Plan at the "Professional" level the charge is $145.00.  If  you have additional questions include them in the e-mail that will appear when you select the Start Now link.
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  Upgrading Service

   1. Self Directed
   2. Assisted
   3. Professional

. If for whatever reason, you as the user feel that you want additional services, it is easily available.  Just let us know what services you want in addition to those already provided by the "Professional" level of service, and  we will quoting you an hourly rate for those services.